Weber® baby Q™ Q100AU
Standard Model
Available from nearly all Weber® stockists and all Weber® specialist stores
Baby Q - natural gas bbq - best gas barbecue with great flavour
Weber® baby Q™ Q100AU
$289.00 rrp
Cooking capacity for barbecued meats and outdoor roasts:

  • Approximate total grilling area: 1200cm2
  • Maximum poultry guide: 1.6kg chicken or turkey roll
  • Maximum height of roast: 11.5cm
  • Feeds up to 6 people
Cook over 100 great barbecue meals from just one 9kg gas bottle Heavy duty push-button ignition - durable cast-aluminium lid and body best gas bbq - lightweight - stainless steel - durable Weber Baby Q - removable drip tray - catch fat  - easy to dispose and replace Weber Baby Q - Portable BBQ - on mobile trolley for stable barbeque cooking
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