Weber® Smokey Mountain Cooker
Standard Model
Available from nearly all Weber® stockists and all Weber® specialist stores
Weber® Smokey Mountain Cooker
$749.00 rrp
For people who are serious about smoking hams, fish, or poultry.

  • Heavy gauge steel sealed in porcelain enamel that won't peel, stain or burn.
  • The front loading hatch provides easy access to the food and coals.
  • An internal water pan generates steam to keep the cooking temperature even and low. As a result the foods are tender, succulent and moist.
  • Smouldering smoke combines with the steam and filters up through the double rack encircling hams, fish, poultry or sausage to produce beautiful flavours.
  • Cookbook with an easy reference smoke cooking chart and all of the information you need to get started.
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